Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cava Winery & Vineyard

So this one has been on delay a few weeks due to traveling, office hairs, wolf t-shirts, and other distractions of the like. But the third winery in the trifecta a few weekends ago (leaving - wait, wait, wait for it - TWO wineries left to go on the passport) is Cava Winery & Vineyard in Hamburg.

We pulled in on a windy Saturday afternoon. The scenery is likely quite beautiful in the summer and fall; however the structure's exterior doesn't look much like a winery. The huge parking lot made it feel more like a church. Maybe it is - turning water to wine?

We walked into the winery which had live music. Only two other patrons were enjoying the tunes; actually, in addition to their wine, they were dancing.

Anyway, we walked in to the countertop.

Cava has a bit of a different style, as you pick a set of wines to try instead of just any. They come in sets of four, but we were able to mix and match two different sets. After the selection, you seat yourself at a table, and they serve the wine to you.

Additionally, you can order some food (great if you have kids to bring along!).

I'm not sure of all of the wines they have because there wasn't an official list, but here's the ones I had.

Vini di Riccio - Old Vine Zinfandel. Aged 13 mo in American Oak; this smells like wood and is quite good.
Vini di Riccio - Sangiovese Blend. 20% Merlot and 80% Sangiovese. This is more bitter; just OK.
Cava Rosso Rame - 60% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot, 20% Sagrantino. Aged in oak 12 months. There's a bit of shudder in this as it goes down.
Cava D'Oro - 100% Sagrantino. Lightly tannic, buttery and good.

The seat yourself atmosphere and the food was a great touch, but there was little/no attention from hosts to ask questions or hear about the wines. Even with only four patrons in the entire place, it was uncomfortable to ask questions because it didn't seem to be the winery's process.

I have to admit, I'd browsed the winery's website more than once prior to visiting. I was pretty excited to visit after seeing their site, but it was kind of a hypo (hypo, noun. Like a typo but with the hype - an error with how vamped up something was). The place was brightly lit and the music was nice, but the people were cold and the winery itself was less fun than the others I've been to. Anyway, the wines are still good and the bottles are reasonably priced for taking them home.

Happy 80 degrees tomorrow!!!

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