Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Beer Fairy

I love it when the beer fairy hits. Sometimes (s)he leaves Bud Light for the kids to play drinking games with. Sometimes it's a thirty pack of Natural Light to remind you of the college days so you appreciate how far you've come. On cold days where you want something thick and creamy (yeah, you can say it, I'll wait...) it's a Milk Stout. On warm, summer days you may score a splash of Hefeweizen, and if you're very lucky, a lemon.

On days like Tuesdays, where it's supposed to be spring, but it's not, I'll use that decisive beer fairy trick as my own personal Punxsutawney Phil. Hand me a hefty lager? Allright, I'll treat this as winter. Oh! A sunny River Horse Double Wit. Summer is just on the horizon.

Anyway, to ponder as you enjoy a beer fairy treat, last week's hypothetical situation: You're writing the headline for the cover of the New York Times... It's April Fools Day. What's the news?

bottoms up.

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