Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pull the Ribbon & Voila

An incredible mountain of chocolate and wine heaven.

It's not often that I purchase a bottle of wine purely for the novelty of it. Once I bought a bottle of Chloe for Chloe - but it was by extreme accident I encountered it, at a random wine stop on an eight hour road trip to see Chloe. That one was just fate. But otherwise, I typically try to buy for tastes or prices.

This was a well-deserved exception. Yesterday I walked into Plagido's Winery. Lo and behold - the chocolate covered bottle.

At first I thought the "chocolate" was a plastic encasing, designed to keep the temperature of the wine. Not so - the entire shell was chocolate. Real cocoa, real chocolate. A $31 bottle of wine - the most expensive bottle I've ever bought - I snagged it in less than five seconds. No hesitation. The biggest challenge was figuring out if it would make the hour ride home without melting. Jonaid was a good sport as we rode back with the windows down in the 40 degree weather.

Today, I tore into it. A photoblog.

"Simply pull the ribbon to release the chocolate cover from the bottle and enjoy the sensation of chocolate and wine as they mingle in your mouth."

And all the King's horses and all the King's men, couldn't put Wineaux together again.

We picked up the Cab Franc - Merlot blend, because that was the bottle they had. But if you call in advance, you can apply chocolate to any bottle. Great fun. Cheers & chow.


Allie said...

Very cool! but how was the wine?

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That's such a good idea!