Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plagido's Winery

All you have to do is go here. Really, click here. It's the whole deal. All of it.

I'll photoblog - but only because it's a formality. Plagido's Winery was on the plate (or, in the glass) on Saturday. For $5 you can taste, or a free tasting with a purchase.

Semi Sweet & Sweet Red's [sic] did not try
Plagido Red - Antonia Rosso - Concetta's Casalinga - Cory's Red 

Semi Sweet & Sweet White's [sic] did not try
Plagido's Choice - Vidal Blanc - Niagara - Cory's White

Dry White's [sic]
Cam Franc Bianco (to me, champagne-y) - Chardonnay (to me, almost porty) - Chardonnay (OAK, did not try)

Dry Red's [sic]
Vino de Casa - Cab Sauvignon (very good) - Cab Sauvignon (OAK) - Cab/Merlot Blend (Pourer's  Fave; we got a bottle) - Cab Franc (The pourer gave Jonaid a 'you can't handle this' look, jokingly. Very floral aroma, spicy) - Cab Franc (OAK) - Cab Franc Reserve (slightly remnant of licorice) - Merlot - Merlot (OAK) - Shiraz (cherry scent, smooth) - Chambourcin (Sold out) - Asciutto Vino (currant smell)

Fruit Wines did not try
Cranberry - Peach - Apple - Cherry - Sangria

Port Style Wines did not try
Blueberry - Homestead - Blackberry - Dealer's Choice

Not snow... That's sand

The last name of the owner is Tomasello... I am curious about any potential relationship between this gentleman and another vineyard, to be reported on later this week...

Cheers & Choc.


Ollie Tomasello said...

Hope you will stop back around Mother's day we will have our wines back in stock.The answer to your question is no My family is not related to Tomasello Winery. No relation at all.Hope you had a nice time with Tony...

carinne said...

Thanks for the clarification on the name. Had a great time with the chocolate bottle (and the wine was pretty good too). Carinne