Sunday, March 06, 2011

Pauly D vs Kool Aid Man (OH Yeah) & Lazy Sunday

Before there was the review of Snooki's Book, now it's the Pauly D theft of Kool-Aid Man's OH YEAH.

Next up, was the Fonz the original the Situation? Dissertation to come.

Mostly, Jonaid last night and I were video chatting. I said something about the Kool-Aid Man, he said something about "OH YEAH", and the equation was solved. As Jonaid tells me, I think i'm "soooo funny."

After that, I made a Flickr account for my upcoming photography class this week. I have no photos yet so it's not even worth being a creeper for. 

After that, I sliced up the veggies for pot roast and gave homemade jalapeno cornbread a shot. I had a spicy cornbread at the Ribfest in Pittsburgh last year and have been unable to find any since. I finally came up with a recipe that resembles pizza vomit aesthetically but is absolutely delicious. I'm quite proud actually. It's pretty good.

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