Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Green Beer Experiment

So it's St. Patrick's day, right. I get epically excited about all things green. Ex, green bagels.

Or, green pizza dough at the Roman Inn at Gettysburg. And I'll even dress up as a leprochaun by a rainbow with a pot of gold bud light (ad campaign anyone?).

Maybe Oktoberfest green leiderhosen can double for leprochaun pants?? Anyway that's beyond the point. The real treat is green beverages -- but the minty grasshoppers aren't exactly as Irish as a nice pint. After two years of no luck with finding a green beer, in 2k10 I decided to make my own green beer with food dye.

Although effective, the oral consequences were less than stellar.

So my boyfriend attempts an appeasement by dropping an m&m in my beer. A peanut M&M. The beer takes the food coloring out and voila - green beer without the after effect of a dyed tongue.

This weekend was yet another year of no bars with green beer, so the girls and I decided to do some experimentation.

The beers were slightly larger than usual, so two m&ms were needed. It's critical to use peanut m&ms because of (a) optimal surface area gives more food coloring (b) minimal chocolate being added to beverage and (c) who doesn't like beer and peanuts? Disclaimer - if you are allergic to peanuts, do not conduct this experiment.

M&Ms were added to a light beer (note on the beer spectrum coors is lighter than bud, but only Miller Light was on tap, so we went with that).

Fizz fizz fizz & lots of head later - a green beer. Two green peanut m&ms were used for Kate's & my beer (respective beers, c'mon now, we're professionals. We don't share that nonsense).

Jess decided to go for a deeper shade - one green m&m and one blue.

Monica had a medium green - two green m&ms, one blue, and a side of creeper Liz:

The only side effects were that at the very last swallow as a mild chocolate flavor. But it was a nice finish and no Hulk mouth. Another good trick is - change the holiday, change the m&m color. A red beer would look great on V-day, an Orange on Halloween. Or even just do it to match your outfit.

So now there's pumpkin beers on Halloween... Candy Cane Scroogedrivers at Christmas... What's next? Earth day??? Bring it & drink up.


Anonymous said...

I just told my roommates how jealous I am of your beer ingenuity. They told me to stop whining and just use said ingenious ideas and tell them about it. Tomorrow: peanut M&Ms and beer test 1.

carinne said...


but yeah let me know how it goes otherwise.

Anonymous said...

My convenience store was out of peanut M&Ms!!! Noooo!!! Maybe everyone here reads your blog too. On beer one of the day. Appropriately a Celtic Ale by Harpoon. Cheers!