Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad Day Repair Co.

8am - arrive at work, step in goose droppings
815am - realize jacket is covered in unidentified sticky substance
9am - realize lunch is on the kitchen counter
901am - realize wallet is also on kitchen counter, so lunch is unattainable
915am - hairtye is with wallet on the kitchen table. Flyway frizzy frenzy

Amidst being the self-appointed captain of team bitch & moan, my misery came to a clear solution. I'd invent a company called the Bad Day Repair Co.

Something spilled on your jacket? No problem, we'll come to you, take your coat, and bring it back spotless by the end of the day. Lunch is gone? We'll swing by with a coupon for a hoagie, $10 cash, and probably some flowers too (or a donut arrangement if you're a dude). As Dr. Monica added, running around giving you awkward armpits? No worries, we'll drop of a fresh clean shirt that is even more flattering than the one you have on. Then we'll school you on how you never put on your going-out T-shirt until it's T-shirt time. Don't you watch Jersey Shore?

Anyway hypothetical situation:

There is a button. Do you press the button?
(note, not necessarily this button)

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Anonymous said...

That does sound like a series of unfortunate events in the course of a very short time. Boo hiss. But great fix your day idea! Can I get a job there?
Oh this is Barson