Monday, January 31, 2011

Sharrott Winery

Jonaid and I walked up the mud-ridden driveway that led to Sharrott Winery. The 40 degree day had the snow glaciers melting, causing a huge mess. The heat wave had me sweating in my jacket.

We walked inside the plain building. "Did you see what they did to my car?" one of the wine hosts was saying. She looked at me. "I paid $40 for someone to clean off my car and now there are scratches on it." She showed me the picture on her phone.

"I would let them know about it," I said, examining the deep marks in her paint.

"Those snow shovelers make a lot of money. For as good of a workout it is, I am about to start shoveling snow in my neighborhood to make some extra cash," another wine host stated.

"And come summertime when you can't throw one back properly because you threw out your drinking arm snow shoveling, you'll be sorry," the original wine host retorted.

"Can't throw my drinks back? I could do a strongman competition with my drinking arm."

A head popped out of the back room, with an older gentlemen. "She's stopping at dunkin donuts before coming in- does anyone want anything?" Responses were a 'no', 'strawberry glazed donut', and then the man looked at us. "Do you want anything?" he inquired to Jonaid and I. We laughed and said no.

And that was only the introductions. It was "bring your own glass" night, to which we brought the "I'm dreaming of a white chardonnay" and the "flip flop glass". Apparently Facebook will display all of the glasses to vote for the best.

Typically tastings are $5-7 but if you BYOG last weekend it was free.

Dry White
Vidal Blanc - Jonaid described this as very light.
Dry Riesling - Crisp; very grape juicy. Jonaid preferred this over the vidal blanc.
Reserve Chardonnay - Buttery like popcorn. So THIS is why I've been craving popcorn all day. I saw my notes on this and remembered.

Dry Red
Merlot - Very smooth, easy going down.
Cab Franc - Absolutely delicious.
Trio - both Jonaid and I tried this. It was a bit too much for me; so many flavors that I was in overload.
Cab Sauv - "This is very easy going down," Jonaid said.
Chambourcin - Sold out

Semi Sweet Wines
Vignoles - Did not try
Riesling - To me this tasted carbonated, but it wasn't. The wine host explained the acidity could mimic carbonation.

Sweet Wines
Crimson Sky - Just like a bottle of juice, goes down dangerously. This would make a fantastic sangria. Jonaid bought it as a donation to the next sorority girls night out (thanks babe!).
Raspberry - With a big whiff Jonaid said it smelled like dead coral. I sniffed, and it smelled pleasant to me, but Jonaid insisted. It was sweet but not sickeningly so. I liked it.

Jonaid's glass wasn't clear so his pours were a bit larger than usual, which made him singsongy on the ride home. The personalities here were so welcoming, plus with the unique glass competition it was such a fun atmosphere. Cheers.

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