Monday, January 10, 2011

My Super Sweet 30th Birthday

A little over a month ago Allie texted me. "Want to be my date to a 30th birthday party?" she keyed. "It's an open bar."

[the lights on the wall at the party]

It was midnight and I had already downed three beers when I received the message. I wasn't sure I was reading straight. An open bar 30th birthday? What kind of party is this? Of course I wanted to go.

So on a sub-twenty degree January day, I trekked to Western PA in white heels and a black dress as per the invite's dress code. Allie and I arrived shivering at the party hall, an old bank that is now used for wedding receptions, banquets, and super sweet 30th birthdays.

The whole scene was filled with black and white except for the bride birthday girl, who wore a pink dress, sparkly heels, and carried a martini glass so big that an entire bottle of champagne filled it. She sipped it as she waltzed around the room, greeting all of the 100+ guests.

The tables were adorned with black and white linens with pink drink centerpieces. The back of the hall held a buffet of pulled pork, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, cheese, buffalo chicken dip.... The bar held potent punches, kegs, wines.... and so much more.

The cake, equal in splendor to the decor, was three cakes, each with ten candles on it. I snagged a slice of pumpkin, but you also could have chosen banana or chocolate.

As the DJ had games for the crowd and lots of dancing, Allie and I found our way to the elevator to go to the bathroom. We accidentally hit the third floor- which opened up to a cobweb-y room with stacked chairs that was quite eerie. Quickly we pressed the button to the women's bathroom, which turned out to be just as strange. A wooden door (of course I opened it) showed a working dumbwaiter filled with toiletries. A lone chair sat in the bathroom, which Allie termed the 'observation chair'. "I think it's a law in PA that a chair must be in the women's bathroom," she commented. Upon research, I think it's in place for breastfeeding.

Back downstairs we went to enjoy the rest of the celebration. I wished I knew the birthday girl a little better; I had fun not knowing many people so I can only imagine if I'd been familiar with everyone. A very unique and enjoyable night. Quite a way to ring in the 30th birthday!

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Allie said...

haha, love the post! You're pictures turned out great. I'm glad you researched the bathroom chair thing. I was right!!