Wednesday, January 05, 2011

maryland crab wine soup

One of the things I miss most about college is the Maryland Crab Soup. Long gone are the days of p-chem all nighters, dollar natural light pounders, and a good old crock o' crab. Shortly after graduation, I reminisced my old bay glory days and developed my own homemade version.

After an extra two hours at work I came home with the idea to relax with a glass of wine and to treat myself to the old favorite.  As the broth simmered, I uncorked a bottle.

Blech! I nearly spat the red venom into the pot. What to do when the wine poured makes you gag? Dumping wine down the drain is a serious crime; that's alcohol abuse. Not even Mad Dog 20/20 ever got that fate.

Suddenly, I stared at the crabs.

The crabs cockeyed back at me.

I raised an eyebrow. A little Barbera for the crabs... And voila. No abusive behavior and quite a twist to the old classic. I'll have to use the rest of the bottle on a red marinara.

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