Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hypothets, Don't Drink and Text, Thai in the Eye

Hypothet: You get to name the new star sign (the 13th one just added). What do you name it?

Saturday night I was happily stumbling around a New York City bar, beer in hand with Sweet Caroline on in the background. Suddenly, someone bumps into me, spilling my beer all over my camera and phone. I panicked. 

The sequence of events following is hard to reconstruct. At the time, I dried in between the keys of my phone and continuously got liquid. My camera wheel didn't appear to be working. The accuracy of both of these events is unclear due to intoxication.

This morning, I inspected my beloved Canon (not the new SLR- so don't freak out parents!) and it seems to be fine. The wheel works perfectly so I wonder if it was an operator error. It doesn't smell like beer and there is no residue. The phone on the other hand, is excessively sticky. I took the cover off and the back was drenched and reeking. I took the whole thing apart. The water damage sticker hasn't changed colors (so that's a good thing) but everything has moisture on it. 

Ugh. What a nightmare. But otherwise, it was a very fun night in NYC. An open bar for Glor's 25th birthday, plus Thai food (that got in my eye.... What a horrendous blaze that is), and various shenanigans until 4am. Typical.

East River from the Upper East Side

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Allie said...

Turn the phone off and put it in a bag of dry rice overnight. It takes the water out of the phone. Not sure about the stickiness though... good luck with that!