Friday, January 28, 2011

Hypothetical & Wine Slushie

Quick Hypothetical: Celeb Deathmatch. Betty Crocker v. Aunt Jemima. Salivate it out.

Friday Wine Experiment: When you have 18" of fresh snow, on top of whatever old snow you had before that, what the heck do you do with it? Here's one idea. Wine slushies.

Although it's nowhere near as good as the Penn State Winery's official wine slurpee, this is a very inexpensive impromptu alternative.

First, grab a glass. Second, toss the stink bug.

Do those guys ever go away? Second, put that glass in the sink and get a new one. (Yes, even if it is your favorite glass. If you're desperate, wash it.)

After that, head outside. Don't lock yourself out. Double check that you have snow.

You have snow? Great. Get a big 'ol scoop.

Go back inside, lock the door behind you. Shiver because yes, it's that cold outside.  Then, pour the wine on top. I recommend a sweet red, but really you could use whatever.

Stir and enjoy. I didn't have a drink stirrer so I used a chopstick; it's all the same. Unfortunately the snow quickly  coagulated and formed cubes. Still, it was tasty and fun. Cheerys!

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Anonymous said...

haha looove it!