Sunday, January 23, 2011

DJ Mullet: I should've picked up the penny.

Hypothetical: So you’re having an epically bad week. Everything seems to be going wrong. You’re standing in a skanky, grossnasty bathroom. You see a penny, face up on the floor. Do you pick it up?

Dad explained if you deny a penny once you lose all future good luck penny opportunities. Aunt Jul stated that may be the one penny that kept her from becoming a gazillionare. Dr. Ali said no way. And especially after the week I had, that penny was crucial.

In other news, Jonaid told me he'd give me $5 if I went up to the DJ and touched his mullet. Of course, mission accomplished. The DJ was exceptionally friendly and his mullet was super soft.

A fundraiser event we attended this weekend had little games called 'jars', which I've also heard called BINGO. Basically you buy a random strip of numbers for $1. If any of your numbers end in '13' (such as, 813, 713, etc) you keep it and you are entered into a drawing. Well, UM played, but didn't win. So I wrote 'WIN' on one of his strips as a consolation prize. He picked up all of the strips, probably fifty of them, tossed them in the air like confetti, and one landed in his beer below.

Of course, it was the WIN one. What luck.

Cheers to another good weekend!

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looks fun!