Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quadruple Decker of Hypotheticals & Holiday Spirit

Round one: Christmas Cards Received So Far

Dr. Ali (#1 by far, arriving Dec. 1)

And #2 the sorority, an e-card on 9 Dec.

Round two: A year of my Facebook statuses. Kind of cool.

Rounds Three & Four: Double dose of hypotheticals this week since last week I missed it.

You're out of cookies and milk. What food + drink do you put out instead?
Would You Rather Be:
a) A Gingerbread Man in a Gingerbread House
b) A Snowman in the Arctic at a house with three dogs
c) An Angel on the top of a Christmas Tree
d) A Fruitcake?

Cons to consider: Yellow snow, does anyone actually like fruit cake?, a branch up the rear, and you may get devoured.

SantaCon today... more on that later...

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