Friday, December 10, 2010

The Indian Shooting a Star

As a kid I ate thousands, millions, billions, of tootsie roll pops in the attempt to find the wrapper with an Indian shooting a star. Never did, not once. The rumor was, if you found one, you got a free tootsie pop.

So today, when tootsie pops are set out at work, I pick one up at random. It's been years. I don't even like cherry but it was that or brown, and brown is worse. I don't even know what flavor brown is but I'm not about to try it. Just out of habit, I looked down at the wrapper. And there it was.

The Indian Shooting a Star. Many childhood summer days, mission after mission, pop after pop, it took me twenty five years, but I found it. I was stunned. No idea what to do with it. And was the story true? Was there a prize or was it just a local swimming pool myth that my friends made up?

A quick google search showed that people have actually been sending these to Tootsie Pop since 1930 hoping for a free pop. It's completely a myth and no one knows where the story came from. Other rumors show that when you find this you are sent some good luck. I'll take that; you can never have too much luck.

Ah, 25 years old, and one dream down. It's now hanging proudly on my cube. Good times.

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