Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hawk Haven Vineyard and Winery

If you were to need lodging after a day of strong consumption at Hawk Haven, look no more! Nearby the vineyard are easy travel accommodations!

Discreet, safe, and hopefully with a funnel to the grapes for underground consumption! 

Saturday continued the wine tour of Cape May as Jonaid and I headed to Hawk Haven. The exterior is almost a colonial theme with its surroundings.

But the doors to the winery were welcoming with holiday decor,

as was the interior.

The bar was crowded, but with the lit fire, christmas trees, and welcoming atmosphere it felt like we were drinking with family rather than complete strangers. A few minutes into arriving our neighboring tasters struck up a conversation about my Steelers purse. Maggie the puppy roamed around and greeted everyone. The decor and the mulling cider... I could go on and on! Tis the season!

For $5 you can try 5 wines, for $7 you can try all. Surprisingly, the chambourcin is a component for a few of the blends but is not a standalone wine. 

Pinot Grigio - Very sweet with a strong apple smell.
American Kestrel White - The stainless steel chardonnay. Very tart and acidic. 
Chardonnay - Barrel oaked; not acidic but does have some sharpness. Heavier than the stainless steel chardonnay but I wasn't impressed.
Red Table Wine - Cab, Merlot, and Chambourcin blend. Although this is mostly cabernet the chambourcin stands out to me. A very fruity aroma.
Merlot - Our wine host, Christine's, favorite. It is very mild, less flavorful to me. Its hefty pricetag at $34 has me struggling to support it.
Off-dry Reisling - "Off dry is a synonym for semi-sweet," Christine explained. This has an apricot aroma and is very smooth and sweet.
Red Tailed - A very pleasant combination of white zin, vidal blanc, chambourcin.

Outside of the tasting room was a closed door with the stainless steel, a tree, and a table that appeared to be used for a party. 

Unfortunately due to the crowd we didn't get much conversation with the staff to learn about the vineyard. Hopefully next time! Cheers!

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