Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas Tree Edition

Mr. Grinch and I opted for the legal Christmas Tree acquisition method this weekend instead of the typical Whoville thievery that is otherwise expected. Surprisingly this tree farm was a wealth of festivity.

After trekking through the winter wonderland I stumbled upon lifelike mannequins of my parents. Well, of my Ma anyway.

I guess after a drunken sleigh ride they made it to Jersey! Anyway we picked up what turned out to be the most cockeyed, crooked tree in the lot. But it's actually taller than Jonaid and quite full.

It was also officially baptized as a Steelers tree with the Polamalu ornament:

So since my tree is slightly whack, here's a few more for the holiday spirit.

Despite her Ravens fanmanship, here's Angela's Gin & Tonic tree from Urban Outfitters.

And Lawyer Liz's tree named James. "We're still on a formal basis," she informed me. "I'm hoping soon we'll get to call him Jim."

All the way from WVU is the Morgantown McLane Girls fake tree, complete with a "christmas tree" candle on top of the telly so they can pretend.

Kate and Amber's tree down in dixie with Daisy posing in front.

And the epic Miss G & the miniature tree. Liz writes,
"Here is a photo of our beautiful tree. I know it looks like Martha Stewart came over and decorated it for us but I swear we did it all on our own. Our tree is approximately 24" tall. The cord is too short so we can't light it and the stand is actually our old tv with a red fleece blanket from IKEA draped over it. It is decked out in gnomes, giants bulbs, ice cube snowpersons (c/o my grandma) and one pink owl who I swear looked much smaller on the website than it does in reality."

The Hangover Tree

Apparently the tree at my parent's house is on a constant rave. Great photo ma!

And lastly the three trees by M2.

One more, Jonaid's work tree.  Which doesn't count as much because he input no effort for it.

Ok ok ok one late submission by Jessica. Completely made with a Franzia box and beer bottle ornaments! Way to be green!

And a fantastic cork idea by Amanda.

Nicole's Aunt Marian's tree and the innocent looking culprit.

Happy holidays everyone! Christmas card writing all this week with some Scroogedrivers.


Allie said...

haha, love the people pictures! Your tree looks great. Clearly it is the reason Troy won the game for us last night :)

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha! That's awesome! Lovee the franzia tree!