Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cape May Winery

The last stop on our Cape May tour was Cape May Winery.

Inside, the tasting room was big and filled with festivity.

We walked up to the packed bar and started our tasting. I'm not sure how much the tasting cost; at the end we were charged including the tastes, and I didn't calculate how much they were, but you do keep the glass and try all of the wines.

Dry White Wines
Chardonnay - This 100% French Oak wine was "good" according to Jonaid. By far it was my favorite Chardonnay all day; buttery, oaky, with slight acidity.

Dry Red Wines - All Isaac Smith wines are from Washington. Other than the Isaac Smith wines, all wines are grown on site.
Isaac Smith Cab Sauv - Flavors of cherry here that are very tasty. Both Jonaid and I enjoyed this.
Isaac Smith Merlot - Heavy aroma; tasty. The "Isaac Smith" is named after a coffin maker, and all of the labels on these bottles are shaped like a coffin. "Aged 100 years, dead body fermented," I joked, and our wine host laughed. The coffin was especially coincidental as I was currently reading a book about Dracula that made it difficult for me to fall asleep the night before.
Isaac Smith Syrah - This one burns a bit. I was looking forward to a Syrah all day!

Dessert Wines
Isaac Smith Port - Tried with chocolate. The brandy flavor is strong.

"What is your favorite?" I asked the women who walked in to order two cases.
"Don't ask us," they said, "We only drink the sweetest."

Bonus Wines (not on our list)
Victorian White - Jonaid commented on the citrus flavor here
Victorian Blush - Sugar crystals are noted in the bottom of the glass. Sweet.
Apple - After a piece of chocolate, this is delightful.
Apple Mulled - You can see the steam off of this one; very tasty.

The winery was quite crowded due to a wine club port tasting. Although we weren't members, we were allowed to go to the back room to sit and enjoy a glass of Merlot. Walking underneath the mistletoe,

We headed to the back room.

Taking high corner table we noticed a number of spacious couches, chairs, and tables for easy relaxing with friends. We noted the Christmas decorations,

finished our glass, and headed out to the barren grapes.  The patio outside also looked quite cozy; if it wasn't so cold it would be very pleasant. All around, this winery was very comfortable. I felt like bringing my Dracula book on one of the leather benches with a hefty glass of Cab Sauv.

It's amazing what four months can do to completely overturn a winery. Earlier in the year we were sweating as we practically gulped the blushes; now, we're slowly savoring the reds as they light fire the whole way down. Vines that were before filled with colors are now barren, leaves litter the ground instead of grassy pastures.

Anyway, cheers! Great wine weekend in Cape May.

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