Monday, November 01, 2010

Hypothetical Situations of the Week (HSOTW)

100% of my readers know my family has a weekly newsletter (thanks to my two loyal readers, Ma & MM! With the occasional Allie and Barson on the side). It's a slapstick publication with crucial information including holidays (so no one forgets a birthday), weather, a song of the week, notable accomplishments, and a few other things.

Here's an example from 2008.

That's roughly it, with the exception of a "classifieds" list (aka, advanced VIP yard sale/craigslist screening for family junk) and the occasional Sports&Stogies section written by my dad or Uncle. Regardless of its irrelevance to reality, it keeps us (or at least me) all connected and entertained one day a week.

Anyway I'll start posting the weekly hypothetical situations of the week. And since we're on roughly issue 140, we have some catching up to do.

We'll start with the one from above.
Who would you bet on in a fight- Captain Morgan vs. Captain Crunch?
The majority (80%) of the responses backed Mr. Morgan, but CC had a few good arguments due to a sugar buzz, pent up frustration with sugar high children, and the likeliness of Mr. Morgan being at such high levels of intoxication that he is unable to properly stand.

More to come, I assure you!

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