Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Good Morning, Mr. Turkey.

The holiday excitement is so epic, Alex spills goldfishes all over the floor.

Meanwhile, back at call of duty: black ops epic gaming set-up... Who is thankful for FiOS?

Adult table, not to be confused with the VIP (kids) table.

Cupcake Wine, although not tried today. Will get to this later in the weekend hopefully.

I was on Turkey Basting Committee. It's very important.

Dad's wine kit & wine fridge No.1. Several decanters and a strange metallic one that may double as a torture device. Two wines on tap today for me, the first being Silver Decoy's Chambourcin.

The second Thanksgiving wine was Brook Hollow Winery's Proprietor's Red that I have impatiently been waiting... and waiting... to drink. It tortured me as it glared at me on my countertop in NJ for the past two weeks. By a long shot it is my favorite wine so far on the NJ Wine Passport Tour.

Post-wine serious confusion about holidays.

All in all, very delicious and very thankful. Now, bedtime before the black Friday rush. See you at 4am.

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