Sunday, November 07, 2010

Derbies and Hypotheticals

There's Heat Miser and Snow Miser... What weather related miser are you?
Good Answers: Cam is Fog Miser, due to being surrounded by so much cigar smoke. Nate is Storm Miser, so he can use storms to get out of doing yardwork.

Bringing up past HSOTW are remnant of this week's The Simpsons:
What board game would you like to compete in a real life competition? Such as, if you pick Battleship, you're sinking boats in the Atlantic.
Candyland was a common answer, as was "Sorry" because "Yes Dear" is not a game (courtesy of UM)

Anyway, all in all a fantastic weekend as some family and friends helped me with the wine tour this weekend. It was a Derby Hat themed Saturday.

We also did some bowling and NYC, and spotted decorative cabbage,

but more on those later. Daylight savings alongside of depression due to realizing personal inadequacy while observing the NYC Marathon has me exhausted. Goodnight all!

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