Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chinese Spritzers: A Midweek Wine Experiment

When I was in college my native New Jersey room mate, Glorianne, would drink White Zin on the rocks. Moving into the garden state I found at many bars many people doing the same thing. Very odd to me but nothing close to what I learned this evening.

Tonight Diane Sawyer introduced the Chinese method of wining: to pour a bit of Coca-Cola in a dry red wine. Sawyer explained the soda makes the taste more sugary, which seems to be preferable to the Chinese palate. Why not just get a sweet wine? Regardless, for the sake of science, I'll roll with it. I don't have any Coke, so I made do with what I had.

Diet Dr. Pepper + Viansa Sempre Avanti [from Sonoma County] = Dr. Avanti

The caffeine-alcohol combo is slightly remnant of the recently outlawed Four Lokos. Hyper, but with a buzz.

Sparkling Red Wine
Dr. Avanti - the aroma here is reminiscent of a cough drop. Sipping it, the carbonation is an unusual encounter in a heavier red wine. The cherry of the soda really overshadowed the flavors of the grapes; to be honest they combined to form a painful licorice flavor that vamped up my gag reflex. Swirled again, whiffed again, and just seemed like a nasty mix I would invent in college because I was broke with three different kinds of booze, a bottle of cream soda, and was painfully sober. In short, never again.  Down the drain you go, far away from the hatch.

In other news, "Ugly Americans" just stole my pick up line. Five dollar footlong...


Allie said...

Have you never had a wine spritzer before? We use siera mist/7up with wine. It adds great flavor to box wine :)

carinne said...

I definitely have! Just never coke in red wine... Oh well happiness matters in the end.