Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I like it... (Facebook Status Post Updates)

"I like it on the floor." Yeah, but it gets dirty down there.
"I like it in the closet." Good place if you want to hide it.
"I like it on my desk." Convenient, but your nosy coworkers may see it.
"I like it available at all times." My personal response.

Anyone else noticing the mass facebook statuses being updated to where women like it? At first to it seemed like a New Jersey thing, but soon I noticed my college and high school friends were doing it too (and in weird places). But then I caught on.

Every year, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, women are asked to post something as a facebook status. Earlier this year it was simply posting the bra color. Who knows what it'll be next year. This time, it's "where do you like to put your purse?" Your response omits the word purse.

my pumpkin bag

It creates an air of mystery. People ask, why is everyone posting this? Is it like doppelganger week? Should I like it somewhere? A quick google search and voila- breast cancer awareness. It's even made some major news sources, such as the Washington Post.

It started via a chain message instructing women to post where your purse goes immediately when you arrive home. You put your answer in your status, click post, and forward the instructions to your other female friends.

Happy BCA Month & Rainy Tuesday.


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