Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fruitfly Mutiny

Fruit flies and stinkbugs have invaded my household. Although the stinks are a bit harder to catch, those fruit buggers are pretty easy. Pour a bit of wine (although I hear vinegar works too?) in a bowl, cover tightly with saran wrap, poke a few holes in it. They experience death by wine, which I at least tell myself is more humane.

Anyway, this weekend was filled with birthdays and weddings. Jonaid got me photoshop...

...which may end up being detrimental to our relationship as this may consume me entirely. This is somewhere around my seventh or eighth wedding in less than two years.

Lastly, I would like to mention last weekend I went to Renault Winery as part of my solo tour. However my taste buds were so shot at that point, and I cannot find my notes page, so I can't reconstruct that trip. Although I did get a stamp, I plan on revisiting there before the end of this all and will report back.

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