Monday, October 11, 2010

Diaper Cupcake

The current baby shower frenzy, or so I'm told, are the diaper cakes. Tiered, lined with diapers, adorned with gifts and trinkets for the baby mama. They're stunning, but they also cost a fortune.

Since I'm on a lighter budget I opted for a diaper cupcake. Being somewhat better at cupcakes

than cakes anyway,

this worked out well.

The whole thing really only took me about 20 minutes to put together, and that includes the taking a phone call from Dr. Ali. The shopping was the pain in the butt part. I got a light wooden case (pentagon, maybe a 15 inch perimeter, but other shapes work too) from Marshall's, some scotch tape, and rubber bands. On the inside of the case I filled it with little things: trial size of J&J shampoo, socks, etc.

To actually bake the cake, you roll the diapers and tie a rubber band around each diaper. Each diaper is then taped to the box - I used heavy duty scotch tape, wrapped in a loop instead of the $8 double sided stuff. Adorn the diapers snugly with a nice ribbon for some icing.

For the top I simply did baby bottles filled with M&Ms, but really anything works. I wanted a small Piggy Bank, but the only ones I found were ginormous.

Honestly, nothing says "birth control" quite like the price of diapers.

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