Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arithmetic Lessons for Adults

Two bags of candy
+ 1.25 Hours
+  Jonaid and I outside
+ 40-degrees-F 
+ 5 trick or treaters  
Carinne is a fat kid eating all of the leftovers; iceberg Jonaid.
Why didn't I buy snickers? Three musketeers? Twix? Sour patch kids? Any of the candy I won't eat? I'm a glutton for agony.

Similar mathematics earlier this week resulted in my favor:

Three pitchers of bud light
+ One shot
+ One PBR
+ One taco salad
+ Buzztime trivia  
$16. I'll be back.

[warning: possibly overly sappy and vomit inducing] This weekend I took a break from both wine tasting and technology.  Jonaid and I celebrated our one-year anniversary and pretty much kept the last few days just between us. It was a great break to not be accessible to the world.

The first picture I have of us together, on my birthday last year:

This year, we hit up the cheesecake factory to celebrate for dinner. A tasty treat we both enjoyed.

Sunday night with a fabulous football lineup. Saints v. Steelers, the black & the ghouled. Not even my homemade steelers witch hat (thanks Liz!) can counter the Nawleans voodoo. It's going to be so good.

Happy Halloween! Finally, November tomorrow. Sure feels like October has dragged on endlessly, but that could also be because I started celebrating before fall even started. Regardless, for one night, eat, drink, & be scary!

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