Sunday, September 12, 2010

Villa Milagro

"The Place of Miracles" is the English translation of this New Jersey Winery. Less than ten minutes down the road from today's earlier stop is Villa Milagro. Our GPS couldn't locate it, so we pulled over and called what turned out to be the co-owner of the winery, Audrey. Her directions are fabulous but I would recommend paper mapping this route before you go.

The windy path to the vineyard is beautiful. We pulled up to the farmhouse at the top of the hill and were instantly greeted by Commander Cody, who sniffed out our car and then joined us on the tasting. Jonaid and I had the privilege of being the sole tasters during our visit. Villa Milagro is noted to be the only organic winery in NJ which went well with the quick sushi and curry lunch Jonaid and I had at whole foods.

There were four wines on the $5 tasting list, and you keep the glass.
Rosie's - As I sipped this blush blend I remarked at how it was fruity but too sweet for my taste. Steve, our tasting host and winery proprietor, laughed and explained that some people come in asking for something sweet and this often comes across as too dry. As I thought on his remark I agreed that it's definitely not a dessert wine, but also probably something I wouldn't enjoy a full glass of.
Sabroso - a Shiraz blend with many tones. It is very smooth but lays heavily on the tongue with all of the flavors.
Fuego - Meaning "Fire" in Spanish it is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and others. It does ignite both your taste buds and your nose with the flavor and aroma. Definitely something that will keep you warm on chilly nights.
Casi Dulce - I surprised myself by getting a glass of this at the end. I haven't been overly impressed with my recent encounters with cab franc blends but this one caught my fancy. The aroma was strong but drinking it was smooth. It was less dry than I was expecting but by no means was it sweet. It worked for me.

Steve was such an easy person to talk to. He explained the history of the winery from its acquisition in 2001 to several years later its opening for tasting, purchasing, and events. Jonaid and I saw photos from a recent wedding held there and learned of various boat tours that go down the Delaware River with stops at the winery.

In addition to learning about the location we were introduced to the personal past of Steve and Audrey. Each had remarkably successful careers before entering the wine industry - him in just about everything, her in a PhD in nutrition and being a professor at Columbia. Visit the winery's website to learn more (or, better yet, visit the winery itself for the conversation and tasting). Their pasts offer a lot of hope to an aspiring 24-year old who dreams that someday maybe she will own a winery.

Another successful weekend of wine. What an enjoyable mission I have taken on!

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