Friday, September 10, 2010

La Casa Narcisi

Just outside of Pittsburgh is a very relaxing winery known as La Casa Narcisi. During last Sunday's brilliant sunshine and sixty-five degree weather, five of us visited the winery, most of us whom have been there before. This weekend they offered only three free choices in their tasting because they were so busy, but their servings were generous. I think I ended up trying at least a sip of everyone's tasting- totaling fifteen wines out of their available twenty-five.
Jonaid and I were again trying out our typical dry reds. On the opposite end, my sister Alex and her boyfriend Greg were all about the sweetness. My friend Allie was somewhere in the midst of all of this, leaning slightly toward the sweeter wines but did try some of the drier ones.
I won't give the full review because it's not a New Jersey Winery (and part of my wine review mission), but I'll give the breif recap. All six of the available reds were tested and the favorites were Stella (a bordeaux style, Jonaid's pick to get a glass of) and the Chambourcin. The merlot, similar to Valenzano's, was disappointing. On the dry whites I was impressed with the Chardonnay and got a glass of that, and Alex got a glass of the Rosabella. Allie gave the Gewurztraminer a try, and although she enjoyed it, she felt it was mislabeled in the "dry" section as it was "too sweet and fruity". When I sipped it, I agreed.

Greg and Alex picked the sweeter whites and roses including the Brezza Marina and Catawba Pink. Both were popsicle sweet to me when I sipped them, but definitely refreshing if you're looking for a sweet summertime treat. Greg got a bottle of the Catawba Pink, but also later on got a glass of the Reisling.

On the fruit wines, I gave the sangria a whirl. I have such a soft spot for that genre of beverage. Yes, it was insanely sweet but I loved it. I thought it was very well done; Allie liked it so much she got a glass. Allie also tried the black raspberry- extremely sweet, as expected, but the black raspberry flavor was a nice touch.

Aside from the wines, the winery itself has grown so much. Even from my last visit last summer the parking lot has expanded and there is a whole new seating section outside. They definitely need the space as the whole place was packed. Despite the crowd, we were still able to get a tasting almost immediately, and later on a table to sit at too.
Winery Summer 2009
Winery Summer 2010
All in all, another good wine weekend. Have a few more NJ wineries in store this weekend, so I'm pretty excited. Cheerio!

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