Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poor Girl's Homebrew

I walk up to the check out lane with my avocado, white rice, and a pumpkin. The cashier instantly breaks out in a grin and exclaims, "Oh! My first pumpkin sale! So exciting, I absolutely love fall. It's just the chilly nights..." and on and on she goes. Unfortunately, she did not realize I had ulterior motives for this fine fellow.

Earlier this week I was talking to my good friend Allie, the same one from La Casa Narcisi, when I was inspired. I'd hollow out a pumpkin and pour a beer inside. Pumpkin Beer!

My goal was to wait until the first day of fall but I got too excited.

Step 1: Purchase hand-sized pumpkin from eager saleslady. (Eager saleslady is important here. Amp up your enthusiasm.)
Step 2: Hollow pumpkin.

Step 3: Double check that it's hollowed.
Step 4: Realize you forgot to buy straws. Run back out to the store.
Step 5: Pour beer.

Step 6: Post pictures on blog while enjoying. At the beginning it just tastes like beer through a straw, but toward the end there is a definite pumpkin flavor added. Optional: Make pumpkin seeds with the hollowed pumpkin innards.

This is a great way to smuggle booze into places. No one suspects the pumpkin. Also, you can refrigerate the pumpkin prior to pour for a great way to keep a beverage chilled.

Cheers to a happy autumn!

1 comment:

Allie said...

I cannot believe you used that photo of me hahaha. Glad you enjoyed the pumpkin treat!