Monday, September 13, 2010

Grandparent's Day

A little known (possibly Hallmark) Holiday is Grandparent's Day. It was last Sunday, Sept 12. It's a BOGO post as today is also my Grandfather's birthday. Happy Birthday Poppy!

A photo of my Dad, Grandmother, and Grandfather:

And my Grandfather and Aunt at the LST-325:

Going further back to the weekend, Jonaid and I visited the World Trade Center on Saturday Night. The two lights honoring the towers shined into the skies above. We saw them from over ten miles away.

Windows overlooking the construction displayed symbols of various religions. We were there at 9:11pm. On one corner there were people somberly reflecting, laying flowers for loved ones; on the next, two arguing about religion.

But yes, we will never forget.

Good night & god bless, from whatever god you choose.

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