Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fire in the Disco

Last night I kept having a dream where my windows were on fire. The screens and curtains were all lit up and there was a heap of black smoke. My Dad and brother Cam were here. I kept frantically telling my Dad, "My windows are on fire!" but he only would yell at me to chill out, to stop being so dramatic.

It was a strange dream but I shook it off. Tonight, I get out of the shower and my smoke detector was going off. I wrap myself in a towel and fan off the alarm. This stops it briefly, but then it comes back on. I turned on the overhead fan, which seems to effectively silence it.

All day I hadn't cooked, not even so much as microwaved.  So I call my landlord, who lives below me, to see if everything is alright. Turns out he's in Rhode Island. The dream comes rushing back to me. At this point of course I'm spooked, but I grab the old detective kit (aka, cell phone so I can call Jonaid in case I am viciously attacked during my investigation) and go downstairs. I walk around the place, checked in windows to make sure the downstairs is OK and that the felines who roam the neighborhood hadn't started a mutiny. All seems to be in order.

No solving the mystery so I'm still intensely creeped and will likely need a glass of wine to calm me down. Jonaid says humidity sets off fire alarms? Is this true? Thank God for google.

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