Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cinnamon Sunday

Mmmm homemade cinnamon rolls. Sort of. A perfect way to start off a lazy Sunday morning.

a) Thaw bread dough. I did it overnight in the fridge.
- You're supposed to let it rise, but I got impatient. If you let it rise, you'll get more cinnamon rolls.
b) Roll out the dough.
c) Paint some melted butter on, and pour a cinnamon + sugar + brown sugar mix over it.

d) Roll the dough, slice it, and put it on a greased cookie sheet.

My gas oven cooks these in about 16 minutes at 350F.

Lather on some icing (powdered sugar and milk), pour a glass of OJ, and enjoy!!!

Tops off what was a very relaxing and sweet-filled weekend. Now, are you ready for some football??


Allison said...

mmm, looks delicious! Great football weekend :)

carinne said...

Great football weekend! Yeah the cinnamon rolls are too easy and pretty tasty. Maybe next time I'll try cinnamon loaf.