Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When I first moved to my new apartment this May I was very impressed when one of the local gas stations offered me a "welcome to the neighborhood" package. It included coupons for free bowling, pizza, and an oil change. This morning I woke up to the hustle and bustle of a car shop as I cashed in on the lube job. Now, as I wait, I watch the ab enhancing infomercials and try to decide if I should GTL today.

This is the second summer in a row where I have had epic car woes. Last year I was stranded on the PA turnpike (and then at the notorious bar) as my engine died, and later that summer I also held funerals for the radiator and catalytic converter.

In June 2010 I kicked off my summer by running out of gas on my way to the shore one night. I signed up for AAA right then and there but soon learned of a free NJ roadside assistance service that patrols the highway. They offer tows, gas, and other services that are already paid for in taxes. A very kind man named John pulled behind me helped me out that day.

P215 216 94t - that's my tire size. Two weekends ago I got a flat tire at 2am. Turns out that AAA signup in June was meant to happen as they were lifesavers last night. At this point I found a fantastic tire shop 6 miles from me- I still need to write a thank-you.

Did you know car inspection in NJ is free? And it is illegal to pump your own gas? Some perks over here to offset the immense traffic.
Anyway this has been my first mo-blog (mobile blogging, blogging from the phone). Cheers and Happy Tuesday!

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