Saturday, August 07, 2010

This blog is circa May 2004. I wrote every day for almost six months. My mum was my biggest fan, along with some of her coworkers, and a few close high school friends.

Here's roughly what it looked like.

The title was simply "live with kinky carinne" and it was in cursive, but I guess my Mac doesn't support that font anymore so it's not reflected here. I was so proud of how it looked because I had taught myself HTML and did all of the coding myself.

Slowly the posts dwindled. Summer 2006 I got more motivation, reworked the HTML again and came up with the layout that is still here. I deleted all of the posts from pre-college and freshman year (but I think each post is saved on a disk, somewhere. I hope anyway. I'll search) and posted even more sporadically. I think I deleted somewhere around 100 posts from 2004-May 2005.

In 2010 one of my friends from high school started up her blog*. Randomly enough, my old blog came up in an entirely separate conversation later on with someone else. Another friend started a blog. It reminded me of mine, and I got lonely.

So I came back to this. Re-vamped it a bit, updated some of the links, deleted some of the posts from 2005-present but kept some of the ones I liked. What you see back there is by no means all of them.

So - we'll see how it goes - but I'll give it a shot again. I may not post after this. No promises. But it certainly can't hurt.

*Read Angela's blog. It's really incredible.

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