Monday, August 16, 2010

Parking: $40
Beach Passes: $8/person
Lunch for three: $35
Definitely, okay maybe, actually not at all seeing Pauly D: Priceless

As the Hanover Parks (UM, T, Lexy) found out this weekend, the Jersey shore can be pretty expensive. The cashflow tallies up pretty quickly for a relaxing day.

On Sunday afternoon at Point Pleasant beach I came across one of the most unique fees at the shore. If you have a beach pass, you can use the bathroom. If you don't have a beach pass, you pay to use the restroom. Even if you do have a beach pass, you have to pay to use the showers or changing rooms, as demonstrated below:

If you are unfortunate enough to need to put on your swimsuit in the restroom, you will realize your future may quickly be in peril. You may be headed toward financial ruin ($200) or 90 days of jailtime with the likes if LiLo. And while changing in public is also prohibited, the jailtime for that offense would not exceed 90 days (although may reach a $1,000 fine). Something to consider, anyway.

Despite the bank account hit, the bars at the shore are unbeatable and the atmosphere is what you go for. Half of the time people watching at the shore is similar to people watching at Walmart. The food is incredibly tasty (why is ice cream always better there?) and I'll be honest - a beer on the water is ten times more refreshing than a beer on your couch. I've never gone to the shore and been disappointed. So if anyone is ever up for a vacation, grab your bump-it and give me a call...

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