Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jogger blogger

As a warm up lap for today's workout I decided to bring the crackberry as a tagalong and snag some shots of my jogging routine. I must admit that right now I have become the distasteful workout+text girl that I always despise. Everyone has different relaxation techniques, but a workout is the time for me to step away from my day, away from the texts, emails, and I am left alone to my ipod.

So on this gorgeous, no humidity, east coast day, where the clouds look like the opening to the show The Simpsons,

I tied up my sneaks and headed to the park.

Promptly a gaggle of geese attacked me. Either I look like dinner or my car looks like mama goose. These buggers are scary in multitude.

Do you see them in attack mode?!?! One is taking flight, ready to kamikazi me. Luckily, I am still faster than the geese.

Then I hit the trail. The "birthday" ipod playlist is what I use to jog these days, but I tuned in to some Incubus.

Anyway signing off to get a real workout in. Training for a 5k... Or just myself.

1 comment:

Barson said...

I AM THAT TEXTING GIRL! But only while on a stationary workout thing. Otherwise I run into things. Your park is so pretty! I need to visit and we should go run there!