Thursday, August 24, 2006

Reserved for Couches

Dan and I went over to The Pub for lunch today, to eat with Emily, Liz, and Allie. Lunch was good, although a little slow and we were all a little tired. That's not the exciting part though.

Dan and I were walking back, and right there on Route 30 in town, was a parallel parked couch.

Really, we couldn't even believe it.

Yesterday we also saw the Bimbo truck again. Ahh, the bimbo truck, good times.

That's all for now. Orioles game tonight!


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allister said...

Hey Carinne. Long time hey? Just getting back into the swing of things. How are your holidays? (assuming you guys are on holidays yet) Peace out homie!

By the way:
don't listen to lewisalaxander49690093. He lies.

allister said...

Merry Christmas!!! I'm in the Philippines right now. Hope you're having a great Holidays!