Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Last week, during my continued aimless wondering that so captivates my summer, I randomly became curious to know if my birthdate was the same as a zipcode somewhere in the US. I figured I had to have a good chance based on the size of the nation. I went to an old favorite - www.weather.com - and typed it in. 11985 is not currently any location in the US, but writing it out in the format of 9-Nov-85 shows that I can be identified with Pasadena, California. Not bad. Although I must admit, I was hoping for some hick town that had the "world's largest bottle of hairspray" or something completely useless that I could go visit simply because we share a common numerical sequence.

Day five of house-sitting is nearing a close, and so far things have gone by pretty smoothly. Lana has been an angel. The fish have been marvelous. The plants are all watered. The house hasn't been burned down.

During my home-alone stay it quickly became apparent that the knowledge of several household chores have escaped me during my 20 years of life. I did a lot of dishes because I don't know how to work the dishwasher (and when I finally got ahold of my mom to ask her that question, she just laughed). I've been throwing my trash away in the dumpster because I don't know where new garbage bags are (as far as I knew, they were under the sink. Apparently not. And my parents have been unattainable for almost 48 hours. Alex says they're probably drunk and left for dead on some beach somewhere. Fabulous). I couldn't figure out how to get the wine-cork off of the wine-bottle opener (I never wanted some newfanged Brookstone wine bottle opener that has a kung-fu grip on wine corks. Named the Connoisseur’s Compact Wine Opener, might I add. I am not a connoiseur, and that thing is not compact. Give me the cheap $2 walmart POS that gets cork in your wine and I'm good to go). There are several other miscellanious items that are all written on a sheet on the counter, titled, "To Ask About Life When You Get Ahold Of Anyone".

Not to mention that it was hotter here due to the heat wave than at the beach they're at.

I've always liked being home alone. When you live with five other people and a dog, life is so busy and so crazy that most of the time it's impossible to escape any part of the chaos. So being at home alone is a nice alternative - for a little while. I got lonely so quickly that it's more than a little bit suprising. Dan came and kept me company up until just now. My house just isn't the same when it's so empty. I don't like it.

So we'll see. Other than minor technicalities, I'm doing okay.

Sorry for the short cut-off ending. I'm falling asleep, and I have to be at work early. Announcement on the beer contest winner tomorrow, so check back if you're interested.


allister said...

Hey your birthday is exactly 4 days after mine! Mine is Nov 5th 1985.

Lauren said...

lmao this was good, park