Saturday, August 19, 2006

Grass Woes

My neighbor is all flustered about this mini-drought we're having at home. He's all worked up about his lawn, and the brown-death tone it has.

So last week, he decided to take a sample of it and take it down to the local Lawn Services shop. At his request they did a full analysis of the sample and explained to him that the color and texture was due to lack of water. They then explained to him exactly how to water his lawn to get maximum results.

He came over the next day, and told all of this to my Mum.

"It's grass, Howard," my Mum explained. "Of course it will grow back. It does this all the time. It happens every year."

He is still all flustered about it.

"The lack of water is what is doing it," my Dad told him later. "Don't worry about it, it happens every year."

He's worrying about it. He's been watering like crazy.

Who does that? Who takees grass samples??!

Anyway, in full-force band camp until Tuesday.

1 comment:

allister said...

You should see my lawn right now. Brown and slowly dying. You're small drought has nothing on our 'worst drought in the state's century.'