Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer has been flying by. For most college kids (or at least the Gettysburg clan) after about a week of parental nagging and a 'real' job (real = whatever can make the most alcohol money in the least amount of time), everyone's ready to go back. I've been counting down since day one. Four and a half weeks left, almost ten weeks down.

Sometimes it seems sad to me, almost like I'm wishing my life away. I keep looking at my watch and am like, hurry up and get here, August 18. But that's just how things are. Twenty years from now, I'll be thinking, "God, it's already July 17th." Right now, it's "It's only July 17th?" My parents are always telling me to not be so ancy, so impatient. They say it like that's so easy to achieve. It never is.

Last weekend was a crazy weekend of a family reunion of a family that isn't biologically mine. I met some crazy people (who fight with ice and baked beans, do the YMCA in underwear & assless chaps), some really amazing people (the ones who don't worry too much about ten years from now, and just take life as it comes), and the people who are just happy. I had a great time doing nothing and a stressful time doing everything. It was just one of those weekends.

It makes me sad to see how many people are so reliant on drugs for happiness. I'm not talking cocaine, I'm talking anti-depressants and all of those. I'm sure there is a portion of people who honestly benefit from their effects, but because of its excessive availability, sometimes I wonder if Americans are too focused on relying on the drugs. Often it seems to me that they lose all self esteem because their confidence lies in 300mg of pharmaceutical heaven instead of their real abilities. I've learned that happiness is never an easy road to achieve, but doing your best to make it there is worth infinitely more than the twice-daily-with-water route. Maybe I'm just crazy. But we'd all be a little better if we all increased our soul power.

All in all, I've been busy this summer, but happier than I have been in a really long time. Sometimes assless chaps make you realize what life is worth. Or maybe not.

I won an egg-toss contest though. That's self esteem right there.

Just a rant and rave. More later this week, hopefully.

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