Friday, July 14, 2006

So I've got a new site! Hopefully this will encourage me to write more. I'm still working out some kinks and details, so let me know if there's any glaring problems that I should fix. Hopefully you like it!

Good luck to all the girls heading out to Gettysburg this weekend! Wish I could be there!

Will write more later!


Anonymous said...

helllooooo family!

I love your new layout!! It's so pretty! I love the way you did the title!

So it's been so long since I published my blog that I don't remember my password so I need to do this as anonymous, but it's Alex!

Mark said...


Yeah, Pearls is a comic strip - a damn good one if you ask me. I try to read it everyday in the Trib

I'll have to go to that site and check it out. There are a lot of photo contests out there, especially for college students... perhaps I should get off my lazy ass and enter.

Thanks for the blog stalking. During the summer I just don't feel like writing that much. I like to post while I'm at school for some reason. Oh, and I should do a 1 year post. I had no idea it was coming up that fast. Thanks for the update.


allister said...

Write oh kinky one, for the love of jeebus WRITE!