Monday, July 24, 2006

It's time for another great opportunity to win a six-pack... Although this one may not be delivered for quite some time, unfortunately. It should be ready for the weekend before school, so that's roughly the end of August.

This contest is to name Dan's latest brew, a hefeweizen. Any and all entries are due by Monday (7/31) at noon so the winner can be announced Tuesday (8/1).

For more information on what a hefeweizen is, please refer to this or this. Entries can be submitted via e-mail or via blog (just leave a comment).

The only entry so far is mine: A Tribute to Hugh, the Hefnerweizen
(well I thought it was creative)

Feel Free to forward send this to anyone who you feel would have a good idea. Thanks and have a lovely monday.

Sincerely, The Proud-to-be Ass Brewer of Bullet Brewing (I need a T-shirt or something).

Also I'll update this with entries (if we get any), so if you check back you can see the current competition.

E-mail entries:

1. A Tribute to Hugh: The Hefnerweizen
2. Bavarian Brew
3. 3rd Reich Weizen
4. Weizen Assen
5. Hefer-weizen: Drink it til the cows come home
6. Homer-Weizen: mmmm, beer.
7. Hoser-weizen: Wheat beer Eh?
8. Girls who have gone black will come back: Weissbeer


Park Vineyards said...

Heifer Vision Brew - Please read warning label before consumption.

Mark said...


I dunno I'm not that creative..

Lauren said...

well then take a picture of a bottle of beer, then lolol

Anonymous said...

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