Saturday, July 22, 2006

I think my sister needs a second job. My dad called her while we were out and said she owes him $115 because in the past two months she's sent approximately 1500 text messages.

I've never heard of anyone who needs one of those special text messaging plans, until now.

1500 text messages?? How is that possible?? That's roughly 25 messages per day.

I was laughing so hard. "Just shut up," she said to me.

"You can't be mad at me because I use my phone as a phone," I said. Oh, Alex, you're such a txt lush.

1500 text messages??

Her sound-notification thing for when she recieves a text message is "Get Low". Yesterday I got irritated and exclaimed, "Either turn your phone on vibrate or get a new song because I can't take it anymore." The song was constantly going off. Now, I can literally say, I've heard that song 1500 times.

1500 text messages?!?!


Lauren said...

Totally understand with the lame-ness level associated with text messages.

I, personally, am a firm believer in the concept that only clicks, dings, and beeps should be used for text message receiving, nothing more than that.

50 cent, move out da way

Park Vineyards said...

it would totally take me an entire month just to type ONE text message. Reach out and touch someone...DIAL THE DAMN NUMBERS! Just remember, nevr, NEVER Drink and dial! Friends don't let friends dial drunk.

allister said...

As my brother would say: "Why the hell do people message when you can just call and talk to them which is probably way more easier." I on the other hand have about 2 sms's a month. Yep, i have no life...