Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Clearly, It's finals week.

You could play I spy with this stuff. Those are all my books...

And this is the uncleaned disaster I call a room...

This is a good one to play I spy with.

I spy a martini and some running shoes
A starfish and a mouse
That are both near tissues

I spy an outlet, and photos on the wall
It's clear that my room
Is the messiest of all.

Finals week is rough, as usual. Hard to believe that this time next week I'll be in the work force.

Here are a few things that have been very useful in procrastination.

First up, is an e-mail contribution from a reader:

This picture was sent in by a reader along with the following e-mail,

Your encounter with Bimbo Sandwiches reminds me of when I was in a German Wal-Mart and came across these “Super Dickmann’s”!

Now, working for that company would have its obvious advantages.

PS: I wonder what makes them “Super”?

Gotta love it. Thanks, Budzik. Love the e-mails guys. So glad my posts are inspiring people to notice and send in weird things about the world.

Next up is an article Dan found online that he figured I would be interested in because I read a lot of publications and theories and works done by scientists. These gentlemen have done some extraordinary work in the research field by finding calculations that are very practical in today's world.

The final results of the experiment proved that there are 141 beers in a keg, which makes it about 50% cheaper than buying beers in the can. The article is hilarious. Please check them out.

Next we came up with this site, since Pabst was the quality beer of choice for the evening. This site is the best; it reviews everything. And I quote,

PBR must be Cold - icy cold, in fact. As it warms, PBR molecules tend to bond with ambient urine molecules in the atmosphere, making it taste like Brooklyn Pilsner.

PBR must be in Cans - aluminum is actually an important component of PBR’s flavor. Furthermore, it’s imperative that you crush each can against your forehead when it’s finished. This makes it easier to toss into the neighbor’s yard, and nobody has to worry about broken glass injuries.

PBR should be purchased by the Case – volume discounts, my Cheap friends. Keep several cases on hand, and make "Blue Velvet" your house brew. It’ll make you appreciate the other beers even more.

I love it.

This post was completely and entirely useless. But I'm a little bit slap happy and I'm a lotta bit exhausted so I'm going to use that as an excuse. Hope the week for everyone else is great! Loving this weather - hating the allergies!

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