Friday, April 21, 2006

SO life, as usual, is never normal. Dan and I always find ourselves in the most awkwardly bizarre situations. Strange things seem to gravitate toward us.

Yet last week was the first time in awhile for something especially bizarre. Things have been relatively quiet on the weird and unusual front. Around 7:30pm (on a Friday night, mind you), Dan and I were driving to Hanover to look at suits for the formal. As we're driving down the road, we see a truck that was parked on the side of the street, that simply read, "Bimbo" (see photo) and had a sandwich and a happy looking bear on the front. Three times we circled around this thing just for a photo.

There are a lot of things awkward and weird about this. First of all, who would want to work for a company named Bimbo? Second of all, who would name a compay Bimbo? Third of all, what would make anyone think that a company named Bimbo would be respected?

"It's like a Seinfeld episode," I remarked to Dan.

"I can see that," Dan said. "Kramer would probably do something with them. 'I got a job driving for Bimbo!'"

We joked about it a little bit more, and then we got to the Hanover mall. We went inside, and all we hear is someone belting out really bad songs. It sounded like karaoke night.

Turns out, it was worse than karaoke night. About a million people were milled around this girl who was singing on a stage. The place was packed. The went through "Lady Marmalade," and many others of a random variety. Just as we were leaving the mall, she started to belt out "Redneck Woman" and the whole mall went berserk. Everyone started singing along. It was nuts.

Lastly, this is a picture I've been meaning to post for awhile. This was decorated on the stop sign by my apartment one day a few weeks ago. I thought it was funny.

Gotta love Vanilla Ice. Otherwise, nothing else is new! Loving this gorgeous weather. It's about all I've got. Finals in less than two weeks. UGH. Hope life is good where you're at!