Thursday, February 23, 2006

An e-mail correspondance. (Nothing is edited. All typos included).

2/22/2006 03:57PM
TO: Mum [Bev], Dad [Ron]
FROM: parkca01 [Moi]
Subject: bizzee, bizzee.

See, the good thing about a 9-5 job is that it starts at nine and ends at 5. Everyone always says that the college kids have it so easy. Really, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. For me, usually, I’m up at 730 to go to the gym. Then I go directly to class from 9-12, and a one-hour lunch (sometimes. Usually only three out of the five days because I have seminars) before I have another class or lab at 110. If it’s a class, I get out at 230, and can do homework & shower until 5. If it’s lab I get out around 4 and then go directly to band (and I do not pass go, I do not collect my $200) until 5:15 (and we’re ALWAYS let out late). Usually then I have time to go to dinner for an hour until I have either another lab, a meeting, or a lecture to go hear. After that I usually spend another good 2-3 hours doing homework until I can finally spend a half an hour to relax before I’m just exhausted enough to fall asleep (lately, I can’t make it past 11:15 because I’m just so beat). And that’s on a day where I don’t have a test or an exam the next day – if I have an exam on the following day, then I’m lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep because the only time I have to study is late at night because my days are so filled. It’s been a little bit rough lately. I think you should send pizza & beer monay to the help Carinne’s sanity fund.

Love your favorite college student.

2/22/2006 04:04PM
TO: parkca01, Ron
Subject:RE: bizzee, bizzee.

Well I have an 8-5 job. I have to get up at 6:15 to get the boys lunches made & out the door. I leave at 7:30 to catch the shuttle to get to work on time. If I’m lucky I get on the shuttle as soon as I get there, if I’m unlucky (like today) the effer pulls away as I am getting out of the car & walking towards it. Then I’m 15 min late. Work till 5, go wait for the shuttle to take me back to the lot. Today I get to go to the company store for Aunt Lynne & Uncle Michael for Steeler ketchup bottles. Home to clean up the house and do 2 or more loads of wash. Pick up the boys. Back to fold wash & chill until the whopping hour of 9:30 or 10 if I can handle it because I’m so beat. Don’t even get me started on weekends…..

P.S. I thought you had beer – AKA Sweet Sweet Lovin

P.P.S. I bet your Dad will send his favorite college student $$ anyhow.

Sent:Thursday, February 23, 2006 8:28 AM
Cc:Bev; Ron
Subject:Re: bizzee, bizzee.

To the overworked college student!

I am very dissappointed. The Pizza essay has a 500 word requirement and this only has 259!!


2/23/2006 09:19AM
TO: Mum [Bev], Dad [Ron]
FROM: parkca01 [Moi]
Subject: RE: bizzee, bizzee.

Mu-um, make him do it.

2/23/2006 09:26AM
TO: parkca01, Ron
Subject: RE: bizzee, bizzee.

ME!?! Make DAD do ANYTHING!?! You’re funny.

Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2006 9:28 AM
To: parkca01
Cc: Bev
Subject: RE: bizzee, bizzee.

Wah wah wah, go cryin to you mudda!

Big baby!

Cell Phone Correspondance.
TO: Bev

Carinne: I kicked ass on my presentation today. My professor even said it was exemplary.
Mum: I'll see about talking to your father about pizza & beer money.

TO: Carinne

Carinne's voicemail picks up.
Dad: You'll be glad to know I put $40 in your account for pizza money. Enjoy. But the 500 word essay is still required. I expect that on my desk by 5pm tomorrow.

I love my parents!!!

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