Wednesday, January 04, 2006

SO ABOUT two weeks into every semester, I've eaten enough Servo (cafeteria) food to make my stomach want to digest itself, I've spent my entire bank account at 7-11 & Sheetz, and I'm usually willing to sell my left leg for a home cooked meal. Although that's completely not true because Dan is a fabulous chef, it would be if he ever got amnesia and forgot how to cook. Anyway, this semester I've gotten rid of the meal plan and am going to cook (gasp) my own meals (shock) for the semester. I'm determined to not rely on Dan and to partially fend for myself. It's going to be pretty crazy.

Looking for inspiration, I contacted a few people and looked through some recipes, and these are some ideas for simple cooking. I can handle a lot, but with a low budget, it's sometimes hard to really get into. These are ideas that are easy, simple, and cheap. If you have anything, please either send it to me or comment with it so I can add it!

Quick Note: Ramen & Mac N Cheese: you can add pretty much anything to those and it will still taste good. You can get really experimental with ramen (as long as it's strained. Adding things like almonds & mandarin oranges are really good. You can do just about anything).

Suck Up Chicken, from Chef Alison of Allegheny College

Take a chicken breast, cook it in a frying pan with half a can of cream of mushroom soup and half a can of cream of chicken soup. Turns out amazing in ten minutes.

How easy is that?

Marco's Meatball Heaven
- Bag of frozen meatballs.
- Throw them in a skillet and fry them up.
- Once thawed out throw a can of Cream of Mushroom soup over top of them along with a 1/2 cup of water
- Let simmer for 5-10 mins.
- Side dish can be mashed potatoes/stove top stuffing and or Garlic bread.

The Garbage Can (This one came attached with pictures)
- A large empty container of 'Utz' pretzels.
- Lots of fruit juices.
- 2 Bottles of Rum and any other alcohol that you prefer.
- Ice
- Long straws to drink out of OR purchase a turkey baster to administer the drink in a shot form.

Gretchen's Cheesy Sausage
1 lb of Bob Evans spicy sausage
1 lb of Bob Evans sweet sausage
1 lb of Velveeta cheese
1 pkg of cocktail bread

Brown the 2 lbs of sausage. Slice up the Velveeta and melt into the sausage once browned. Place bread on cookie sheet. Once the cheese is melted, place a spoonful of sausage on each piece of bread. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

The Lovely Liz Ware's Just Add Water Muffins
Buy a package of Just Add Water muffins (usually around 80 cents), and see the package for the rest of the instructions.

Homemade Cucumber Pickle Chips (one of my personal faves)
- Slice one cucumber into EXTREMELY thin slices
- Put it in a bowl and pour vinegar all over it, mix in some salt
- Chill, and eat

Shrimp Dip
1 8oz pkg of cream cheese
1 can of small cocktail shrimp
1 bottle of cocktail sauce

Place block of cream cheese on a dish. Cover with shrimp and pour the cocktail sauce on top. Serve with crackers.

Kahlua (or Amaretto)
5C water
5C sugar
2oz instant coffee
5C Vodka or Rum
4oz Vanilla

Simmer water, sugar, and instant coffee for 5-7 minutes. Cool, then add vodka/rum and vanilla.

For Amaretto, substitute 2oz almond extract in place of the vanilla.

P-Balls (my FAVE!)
1 Frozen Bread Dough
Sliced pepperoni

Thaw dough and slice it. Wrap a slice around a piece of pepperoni, making sure the dough covers all of the pepperoni. Cook on a greased sheet for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Also, you can add cheese or sauce into it, just make sure the roll is sealed, because otherwise it will explode everywhere.

Well, there you have it. These are what have been sent in, and what I found through my mom's recipes. Eat well everyone! And send me your ideas if you have any!

Skiing tomorrow, and Jersey on Sunday. Catch you guys later!