Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So for the past week or so my siblings and I have been off and on playing Monopoly. Come on, you know how that goes. It seems like a simply grand idea, then about half an hour into it, you realize the game is never going to end and it's just not fun and it SUCKS. For the first time ever, on Saturday, Alex and I finished a game of Monopoly. It took us four hours. Even winning was not worth it. It sucked. To quote Dane Cook,

"I used to play monopoly. Everybody did. Nobody liked it. Even if you think you liked the game - you didn't. And it's simple, why, cause this is anybody here two and a half hours into a game of monopoly --- 'Fuck this game. It's four in the morning grandma, YOU WIN. I'm sitting on Baltic with crap. I'm paying luxury tax up the ass. and I hate when you're the banker. Where'd you get the pink fifties you cheating whore - don't fucking touch me grandpa, nana is a cheating whore!'"

And so on. Anyway, after being endlessly bored with actually playing the game, today my siblings and I got the brilliant idea of creating our own Monopoly. Oh yeah, that's right, Parkopoly. Which, we all agreed, would undoubtedly be much more fun than the real Monopoly.

We bought a poster board at Eckerd, and then created the whole game. Each of the railroads is one of the cars we own. Luxury tax is alcohol money, income tax is car insurance, and so on. Board spaces are all different; one is my room, one is Alex's (and etc), and much more. Jail is Lana's cage. Community Chest & Chances include such specialties as "Hit Dale's Car, pay $500" and "Grounded, Lose a turn" and "Got a Job, get $100". Oh yeah. You wish you were me.

It's going to be a good 6-7 hours of family bonding fun tomorrow.

Moving onward to January 5th, at Hartwood Acres there is a "Fun Run Through the Lights". For $5 per student or $15 per family, you can jog through the lights at Hartwood. It's all for charity and I do believe Dan, Alex and I will be doing it. Lose some calories! Come join!

Lastly, Mark was the closest guess to how many cookies I made. Actually, he was the only guess. I made 20 dozen cookies. So, go to his site, and tell him he is awesome and stuff. Congrats, Mark!

That's about it. I hope you all are having a fabulous winter break.

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