Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey day has reached its end for my family: everyone has gone home, all the dishes are done, and we’re all stuffed. Another successfully delicious dinner, filled with fun anecdotes that sometimes resulted in random people saying, “Well that was a Chloe story,” surprising me with how many people actually read the lame e-journal. I’m now relaxing in my favorite arm chair, just feeling good.

We got a lot of snow yesterday/last night, which was a nice change for the landscape. Also, I got to drink some of the Beaner’s Bullet Brew (fabulous, really, I’m so impressed. That will get an entire post to itself at a later date).

Monday was monumental as I got a speeding ticket on the lovely PA turnpike. It ruined most of my day, but stuff like this happens, I guess.

Before I left Gettysburg I grabbed a can of soda for the ride. I don’t have cup holders in my car, so on cans I kind of have to hold them between my legs on the seat. It’s a little uncomfortable but whatever, it works.

I opened the can, and it exploded all over me. Literally, everywhere. I tried to keep my attention on the road while avoiding getting the entire car covered in Cherry Coke (can I sue for this?), but the carbonation destruction was too much. While focusing on the spillage, I stopped noticing my speed and BAM, there was a cop.

He walks up to the window and not only am I shaking uncontrollably because I’m so upset, but I’m also covered in Cherry Coke in a specific area that made it look like I peed myself. He kind of looked at me, turned away, and talked without looking directly into the car. I was ridiculously embarrassed. Knowing my luck, the cops probably have a “comments” section for when they run your license number, and I’ll be forever known as the ‘peed-herself-girl’.

The actual fine for speeding was $73, but there is $90 worth of other crap tacked onto there that makes a grand total of $163. That’s a lot of money. Plus a couple of points against my license; I’m not exactly sure how many, but it’s not good. This will undoubtedly come out in the tabloids when I run for president. I can see the headlines now: “Bed-Wetting Campaign?” “Speeding for Road Safety?”

Anyway I’ve moved beyond it: I’m going shopping tomorrow (black Friday, 6am, $500 Macy’s Gift Cards, oh yea) and then I plan on making an apple pie (or at least attempting to. I figure, if George can, I can.).

Hope everyone’s break is going well & Happy Thanksgiving!

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