Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sorry everyone, I have been really, really, ridiculously busy ever since I’ve gotten back. Last weekend was sorority initiation, the weekend before I was home for Homecoming and reading days, and this weekend I’ll be slaving my life away at the library. Four mid terms in two weeks is just total hell.

Anyway a few quick comments:

I did not, to my dismay, become a rich skanky hoe. I did not win the $340 mil powerball. I did not win anything.

Chewing gum is celebrating its 135th birthday. A $55 investment has made a $3 billion industry.

I’d be more than happy to link you on my site if you send me your site. Just ask!!

Lastly, my next post will be a Halloween post. There are lots of events going on around here this weekend, through next week, and next weekend where I'll be able to get pictures of people in costume. If you have a good Halloween picture of yourself or anyone else, please send it to me!!

Sorry so boring – gotta go sssstudy.


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